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Guest Performer

WeKIDS Children’s School marching band

Established in 1998, WeKIDS Children’s School marching band is the first and only marching band in Taiwan for young children six years of age. WeKIDS Children School has adopted music and physical education techniques to help students reach a higher level of music comprehension. WeKIDS Children’s School also works closely with the Japan Early-Child Marching Band Education Association. The school's goal is to establish self-confidence and increase interest in music and the arts.


WeKIDS marching band has been invited to perform at several venues including President House, the Taipei County Government for National Sports Day, and three times at Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. WeKIDS has also represented Taiwan at the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival. The WeKIDS band's public performances not only demonstrate the abilities of the children, but also show their dedication and devotion to music. As young musicians, this helps build up their musicianship as soloists, but also helps them be great team players in the WeKIDS marching band.

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