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Color Guard Competition

Group Definitions​

(1) Division (Based on Development)              

Division I (Advanced level for the type of group)

Division II (Intermediate for the type of Group)


(2)  Category (Based on Age)


Groups in which all the participating group members are less than 13 years of age during the competition. 



Groups in which all the participating group members are 13-16 years of age during the competition.


Groups that do not qualify for the Junior category and whose participating group members are all less than 18 years of age during the competition


Groups in which any of the participating group members are over the age of 18 during the competition


(3)  Class (Based on Group Size)

A              3 to 11 performing members

AA          12 to 21 performing members

AAA       22 to 31 performing members

AAAA    Over 32 performing members


Judging Explanations


Captions & Sub Captions

Four(4) distinct system captions each having two sub captions will be utilized:


a. Ensemble Analysis (EA)
b. Equipment

c. Movement

d. General Effect (GE)

1.  The two sub captions of Ensemble Analysis are:

Ensemble Design (What is done) (Vocabulary)  

This sub caption is to evaluate the quality of the following:

․ Use of design elements in form, body and equipment

․ Motion to connect events

․ Design and orchestration both through time and in layered events

․ Reflection or enhancement of the audio including dynamic effort qualities (space, time, weight, flow)

․ Imaginative use of design choices

․ Variety of design choices

․ Transitions and equipment changes

․ Characteristic, detail, nuance


Ensemble Performance (How it is done) (Excellence)

This sub caption is to evaluate the quality of the ensemble performance displayed by the performers. Criteria among others are:

․ Achievement of spacing, line, timing and orientation

․ Achievement of advanced effort qualities

․ Adherence to style in equipment, movement or motion

․ Training, concentration, stamina and recovery

․ Achievement of characteristics, detail and nuance


2.  The two sub captions of Equipment and Movement are:

Vocabulary (what is done)   

This sub caption is to evaluate the quality of the visual

design or choreography and the needed training of the performers. The criteria are

among others are

․ Range and variety of equipment moves

․ Expressive range through dynamic efforts of space, time , weight, and flow

․ Depth, range and variety of blend between equipment and body

․ Range of material most compatible with the performers’ training


Performance (How it is done) (Excellence)  

This sub caption is to evaluate the quality of the performance in equipment handling and movement displayed by the performers.

Criteria among others are:

․ Understanding and application of principles

․ Understanding and application of dynamic effort changes

․ Achievement of blended body and equipment challenges

․ Development of breath, muscle, tension, flexion and rotation

․ Training to support the vocabulary


3.  The two sub captions of General Effect are:

Repertoire and Design (What is done) (Vocabulary)

This sub caption measures the

overall effect and impact of the program, by evaluating the ingredients of the program’s

repertoire and visual design. CRITERIA AMONG OTHERS ARE:

․ Program concept

․ Creativity

․ Appeal

․ Intrigue

․ Continuity and Flow

․ Coordination

․ Staging

․ Musicality, Mood

․ Detail, Nuance, Artistic Qualities

․ Pacing

Performance (How it is done) (Excellence)

This sub caption measures the performance of

the performers, evaluating the performance qualities and communicative abilities of the


․ Engaged the audience

․ Embodied/sustained character, role, identity, style

․ Delivered/sustained impact, resolutions, climaxes

․ Established/sustained designed mood

․ Displayed visual musicality

․ Communicated detail, nuance and artistic qualities

․ Demonstrated excellence as an effect


Rules and regulations


I.The costume used by all participants must be decent and respectful to the public.

II.Each color guard group will perform up to a maximum of 10 minutes while there is no minimum performance minimum performance time. This time interval will include setup, entrance, performance, exit and removal of all props, floors and equipment.

III. The designated performance area is 30 yard x 15 yard, with a “safety zone” of 1.5 yard at the sides and back.

IV.Performance order is at the discretion of the organizer.

V.Practice and warm up areas will be in designated areas.

VI.Props, and/or authorized equipment may be utilized or placed in the competition area by colour guard members at any time during the “maximum performance time” or may be placed in the competition area by other than performing members prior to the start of competition. Authorized equipment and/or hand-held props may be place in front of the front boundary not to exceed 1.5 yards.

VII.No pyrotechnics, discharge of arms, pressurized canisters, dangerous materials, flammable liquids or animals will be permitted in or around the competition area. Smoke machines will not be allowed. Electrical (plug-in) or compressed air apparatuses, including lights, lasers, and flashcubes (electrical or chemical) will not be allowed. Battery operated devices using “common use” batteries (AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, N, 9V and button cells) are allowed. Car and/or truck type batteries are not allowed.

VIII.The use of powder, dirt or any other airborne substance that lingers in the competition area shall be strictly prohibited.

IX.Judges’ decision will be FINAL



Box 1 0 - 64,99

Box 2 65,0 - 74,99

Box 3 75,0 - 84,99

Box 4 85,0 - 94,99

Box 5 95,0 - 100

Honours level ratings:

Gold with Honours – Scores assigned in Box 5

Gold level rating      – Scores assigned in Box 4

Silver level rating    –  Scores assigned in Box 3.

Bronze level rating  – Scores assigned in Box 2.

Participant level rating –  Scores assigned in Box 1

In addition to the above overall placement / rating awards, (i.e. Gold with Honours,

Gold, Silver and Bronze), additional awards may be included and all participants will

be informed accordingly.

Download 2018 WAMSB World Championships Application Form

Download 2018 WAMSB World Championships Rules and Participation Information

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