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Drum Battle

A showcase of skill and technical artistry with an abundance of flair and velocity, bringing a competitive environment as well as fun, excitement and all-round family entertainment​

Group Definitions

(1) Division (Based on Development)                                                     

Division I (Advanced level for the type of group)

Division II (Intermediate for the type of Group)


(2) The limited numbers of performance member are 30 people maximum.

(3) This competition is open to all marching percussion units, regardless of age.

Rules & Regulations

I.This competition is open to all marching percussion units, regardless of age.

II.The costume used by all participants must be decent and respectful to the public.

III.Each percussion unit will need to perform 2 different routines that consist of  percussion cadences of their own choices, to be executed together with field formations.

IV.They will perform one after another facing each other.

V.Each percussion cadence must not be longer than 120 seconds.

VI.The designated performance area is 15m x 15m.

VII.Performance order is based on a random drawing of all participating drumlines.

VIII.Practice and warm up areas will be in designated areas.

IX.Besides the technical aspects (forms, techniques and difficulty), visual display and creativity (eg. body movement, visual presentation, creative use of cymbals and mallets/sticks), and crowd appreciation are especially observed.

X.All teams will be competing on a tournament style format where they are put into groups or brackets, with the winners advancing to next the round, working their way to the finals

XI.Penalties and disqualifications :

1.Disturbance Penalty – warm-up noise or playing which interferes with the competition. Drumlines who cause disturbance will receive a 2.0 deduction.

2.Performance times – Drumlines will deliver to a maximum of 120 seconds for each percussion cadence. Lines will be penalized 0.2 points for every five seconds over these times.

3.At no time is anyone but authorized personnel (i.e. officials) allowed near the adjudicators table. Score tampering, bribery of judges or other officials by directors, students, parents or any one affiliated in the representation of your drumline will result in disqualification.

4.Boundary -2.0 points for any boundary violation. Boundaries are defined in Contest Rules VI.

5.Performers – During the performance every person on the designated performance area must play a percussion instrument. Disqualification will be imposed on any unit that does not adhere to this rule. (Eg. set up crew on the field during performance). Crew members should get off the field (outside of performance area) ASAP.

6. Instrumentation is limited to those instruments typically utilized and recognized as part of a marching percussion section. Single tone, non-keyed horns (i.e. whistles, sirens, animal calls, etc.) may be used only if generating an effect, and may not be used in any melodic form. No pre-recorded audio effects may be used. No instrument may be sequenced or programmed. Use of unauthorized recording med/sequenced equipment will be understood as grounds for disqualification.

7.No motorized vehicles, pyrotechnics, discharge of arms, pressurized canisters, dangerous materials, inflammable liquids or animals will be permitted in or around the performance area. Gasoline, electric, or manual powered generators will not be allowed. Smoke machines will not be allowed. Electrical (plug-in or battery operated) or compressed air apparatuses, including lights, lasers, and flash cubes (electrical or chemical) will not be used in the performance area. Lighting cannot be turned off in the performance area.

8.Other – 2.0 points for each additional rule violation other than those stated above. Rule violation will be determined by the Contest Director.


XII.Judges’ decision will be FINAL.


Download 2018 WAMSB World Championships Application Form

Download 2018 WAMSB World Championships Rules and Participation Information

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