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Marching Band​

Taipei Jin Mei Girls' High School

Our school was founded in 1962 in the vicinity of Mucha area. The campus has a total of 50,000 square meters. Surrounded by natural scenery and conveniently located in Southern Taipei, our school offers a serene and great studying environment and ensures full transportation service for students from any quarter of Taipei City. All the classrooms in our school are air-conditioned and we also have a heated indoor swimming pool, well-equipped volleyball and tennis courts and an highly acclaimed eco pond “Jing Tang.”  Currently our school has 60 classes, more than 210 staff and around 2300 students.


Our school has been well-known for the emphasis on the fostering of modern women in the new epoch. We provide our students with distinctive programs in the hope that every student could become a person of vision, culture and versatility.  In 1995, our school took the initiative to provide the elective language programs, geared to challenge the linguistically talented students to higher standards of proficiency in communication in this global village.  In addition, the gender equality issue, moral education and civic education are also highly recognized in our school. For all these years, we have cultivated our students into versatile graduates who can fit into the changing world and become the mainstream of the society.


Our marching band of today was officially organized in 1962 with a history of 55 years. Under the direction of former principals and instructors, our team has made many outstanding achievements. When the color guard was organized in the year of 1996, the marching band was brought into a new level of excellence. Our team, composed of the daughters of the Sun God, has been constantly invited to perform in many venues, festivals and activities for public welfare. In 2010 and 2015, our team was invited to perform in the opening ceremony of Taipei pavilion in Shanghai World Expo and International Band Festival in Malaysia respectively.Their terrific performancesin all kinds of nationwide and citywide contests were also highly acclaimed by the public. With students’ perseverance and constant practice to perfect their performance, our team is sure to impress the audience with their youth, passion, excellence and pioneering innovations.

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