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Marching Band​

Stella Matutina Girls' High School

Stella Matutina Girls’High School Marching Band is a Catholic School that believes in holistic education. Our school not only focuses on academic and morality development, our support in spreading holistic spirituality among students. The beautiful, elegant color guards are often seen at many festive events in Taichung City for the past 20 years since the group’s establishment. The audiences are often impressed by their tidy marching band, interchangeable drills, colorful flags and sparkling music. Marching band members learn about teamwork through rehearsals and performances. The experiences help them to develop their personalities.


In the recent years, teacher Chou Chien-Ann and teacher Yang Chin-Yi dedicated their efforts in designing multiple themes for the marching band to perform, e.g. 007 Spy Mission, the Wizard of Oz, Mulan, Frozen, etc. Their latest design, Hunger game, was performed in the national student music competition and received successful result. Under the circumstances of not interfering with academics, President Sister Liu encourages students to participate in school and non-profit activities. Students are all willing to dedicate their efforts to the society. Stella Matutina Girls’ High School Marching Band will continue to perform in various festive events and we wish for everyone’s care and support for the group.

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