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Marching Band​

San Sin High School of Commerce

San Sin High School Marching Band was started in 1964 and is comprised of 100students. None of the band members had received formal training with their musicalinstruments before entering San Sin High School. The flag performers also received all oftheir training at San Sin. Within one year Mr. Chui Wa-Kit, the band director, with skilland perseverance was able to instruct these students to perform at a very high level. On

many occasions these students have provided exceptional public performances.


The San Sin Band has consecutively won 24 first places awards in the annual TaiwanNational Music Competition. The band has long been a pride of the school and is ofteninvited as the representative of the government of Kaohsiung City to perform innumerous domestic and international parades and celebrations. It has travelled to foreigncountries such as the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai foreducational and cultural performances, as well as for diplomatic purposes. Whenever theband goes, it receives praise from the communities. San Sin High School Marching Band

really promotes the visibility of Taiwan on the World stage.


San Sin High School has a long history of education in the art. The current Principal,Ms. Lin Cen encourages the students to join at least one extra-curricular club in the arts.He believes that the marching band is a vehicle for students to excel, increase confidence,and push themselves toward success.

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