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Marching Band​

Beihang University Marching Band

A Brief Introduction of the School Marching Band of BUAA

Beihang University Marching Band (abbreviated BUMB) was originally formed in 2007, and was titled as Beijing University Student Marching Band by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education’s evaluation in 2008. Now BUMB has more than 80 members, and become the pioneer of China’s university student marching band. BUMB’s principal instructors are famous conductor and visual effect designer Mr RongAiguoand famous member of World Association of Marching Show BandsMr Tang Jiahong. With their help, BUMB has developed rapidly.


BUMB devotes itself to all kinds of marching band shows or concours both domestically and abroad, and tries to combine traditional Chinese arts and music with marching band to popularise traditional Chinese culture. BUMB represented China as the only Chinese team at Shanghai Spring International Festival (SSIF)in May 2008 and won a compliment from all the audience and other teams. In July 2012, BUMB went to Germany and Netherland for a cultural communication and took part in a parade marching. On Beihang University 60th anniversary, a new visual effect named ‘Fly to the Space’ was performed by BUMB; this show has also won the first prize at SSIF in 2013. In July 2014 BUMB performed a traditional Chinese style show ‘The Butterfly Lovers’at 59th International Rasteder Music Day in Rastede, Germany, and won the championship on the European Open and the general championship. The reformed version of ‘The Butterfly Lovers’ was won the first prize at SSIF in May 2015 for its complicated performance.


BUMB has made an irreplaceable contribution to the popularisation of music in Beihang University. BUMB mainly rehearsed at stadium in Shahe campus, and it has held parade marching on both two campuses with a lot of compliments from students. On each year’s freshmen’s military training, BUMB assembles the military band of freshmen, and from this special team there are many amateurs then participate in the BUMB and become formal members after the military training.



Visual effects: “Fly to the space”, “The Butterfly Lovers”;

Marching compositions: “Mission Impossible”, ”Poker Face”,etc.

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