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Marching Band​

Hong Jen Junior School 

Hong Jen Junior School Marching Band has been founded for seven years, and it’s the only marching band in Nantou county. Most of the students who join the marching band generally have little knowledge ofmusic theory. They must seize every opportunity to learn, and try hard to improve their skills. Meanwhile, they also enjoy the delights of musical ensembles. After one year of highly-demanding training, they represent Hong Jen to join the national competition. Since 2011, we’ve won the first place yearly in the National Music Competition of junior high school marching band under seventy members in the central district of Taiwan, and gotten the premium award annually over the past four years.


From knowing almost nothing about marching band to performing amazingly in the competition, our students devote all their leisure time to making their dreams come true. Hong Jen Junior High School Marching Band has became the highlightfeatureof Hong Jen’s educational developments. We’ll keep working intensely to maintain the honor.

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